We’re back!

PAX flew by. Some Pokemon happened, I bought some fancy dice, and watched two grown men play Beyblade for a chance to win a trip to Australia. Good times.

What’s less good is that my desktop PC has been crashing like a developer’s first MMO on launch day.

I’ve been tearing my hair out trying to lock down what’s causing it, doing a reset install of Windows, re-installing all the drivers, and a dozen other things that have also not worked. So my best guess is it’s hardware.

Which means it’s time to buy new parts, which now means I’m opening up for some discounted commissions:

E-mail me at xpboostcomic@gmail.com if you’re interested! (These prices are for full-color, shaded artwork. If you’d like something in black and white or unshaded, e-mail me and I’ll work out a price.)