Hey everybody, got some updates on a few things:

You may have noticed I’m changing up the layout of the site a bit. I’ve had things pretty much the same here for coming up on four years, and I’m finally tired enough of it to change it up. I’ll be making more changes in the next couple of weeks.

Another motivator for these changes is that I don’t have ads on the site anymore. Back in July I had some problems with scuzzy malware-type popups coming from my ads. After spending several hours trying to fix it, I decided to take them down until I got it sorted out. Then I just sort of never put them back up. They’re annoying, everyone’s just blocking them these days anyway, and they cause problems. So goodbye ads.

The trade off there is that no ads means no ad money. So now also seems like a great time to bring up the Experience Boost Patreon! Patreon lets you support the comic directly and get more Experience Boost in return. Every month patrons get rewards like these:

  • $1 or more a month gets you access to a monthly wallpapers and a bonus strip, as well as the ability to vote on who appears in the month’s bonus strip.
  • $5 or more gets you everything above as well as high-res versions of every strip, and access to design sketches and other behind the scenes stuff.
  • $15 or more gets you everything above AND lets you or your MMO character cameo on the comic. (There’s a limited number of slots at this tier, but one just opened up, so seize opportunity!)

Here’s a look at some of the previous wallpapers:

And Murd won the last bonus strip poll, here’s a little peek at that comic:

As we hit further goals, we’ll unlock more rewards like, more bonus comics and request livestreams. So if you enjoy Experience Boost, and would like to see more of it, head over to the Patreon and commence the dark sacrements give it a pledge!