So Legion comes out tomorrow.

I’ve been loving the pre-patch. From the changes to some of my classes, to the Legion Invasions, it’s been pretty great. Artifacts, class order quest lines, Suramar, World Quests, I’m pretty excited for everything.

I’ve never played a rogue before, but I used my Legion boost on an outlaw rogue and hot damn. Grappling hooks, pistols, ghost pirate cannons. It’s super rad. I also like playing an enhancement shaman for the first time since Wrath forced them to go dual wield.

If you’re jumping back in with the expansion, you could do worse than to roll Horde side on Wyrmrest Accord and join the Experience Boost guild. Message any member and they can shoot you an invitation.

Also! Patreon rewards for August are up. Theron won the month’s bonus strip poll:


And like every other corner of the internet recently, August’s wallpaper is on PokemonGO:


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