So you may notice a shiny new button over on the right side of the page. That’s the donations button (It is helpfully labeled as such). If you enjoy Experience Boost, and want to help support it, give it a click, and donate however much you like. Every donor will receive access to special wallpapers, starting with this one I call “General Chat”:

Seriously. Just turn the channel off.

If you can’t donate, but still want to support Experience Boost, spread the word to your friends and guildies about this cool comic you read. You can also point them (and yourself) in the direction of this page where they can vote for Experience Boost to join Kotaku’s Sunday Comics feature. There’s 17 comics in the voting and only 10 can be in the lineup, so Experience Boost must conquer at least 7 to join up (Other comics defeated: 0/7).


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