Hey everybody, my wife got a new job! We’ll be moving to Memphis at the end of the month. To facilitate packing and everything else that comes with an interstate move, I’m putting the comic on a little break (At what I find to be an great cliffhanger point, no less). I’m not just going to leave you guys in the wind, though. I’ll have something up here every update day, be it concept designs, old artwork from the birth of Experience Boost, or a silly sketch comic. Above we have some concepts for the tabard for One Crit Wonder. The first one’s already shown up in a comic, and I thought it would just be what I go with, but as part of a larger effort for me to not just go with the first design I make for things, I’m trying out some others as well. I still haven’t picked the final design, so if you love or hate what’s here, drop me a line in the comments.